Vision Quest

Vision Quest is a multi-cultural ceremony that has been leading people into the wilderness to ‘cry for a vision’ for thousands of years. For some, it is a response to a tap on the shoulder, a tug at the heart, an opportunity to get quiet, go deep, search for answers, and face the fears that we are ready to remove from our path.

By fasting and sitting alone in the stillness and wonder of Nature, we are given an opportunity to listen and open our Hearts to the Wisdom within and without that speaks with a golden voice through the seen and unseen worlds.

It is not a journey to be taken lightly. Questing begins with several months of one-on-one communications with Ymani to explore the basic foundations of self-discovery, self-care, and self-reflection in order to appropriately prepare for the depth of the experience.

Part of taking care of oneself is remembering how to connect deeply with nature, and with the sacred rhythms of the earth. All that anyone needs to understand can be found in Nature. In this modern-day, fast-paced living that we do, we often forget to slow down and see the sacredness all around us.

We are nature, and in our spiritual walk, we want to respect, honor, and learn from the beauty that surrounds us, the life that surrounds us. We have merely forgotten, and it’s time to  remember.

Whether you are going on the mountain yourself, or supporting other Questers at base camp, it is a time of inner growth by learning to live fully in gratitude, honoring the sacredness of all life, honoring ourselves and one another, and becoming comfortable with our own personal power. It’s a beautiful time to go deeper into learning the value of ceremony and ritual.

Quest dates for 2019 are August 9 – 12. If you are interested in learning more about this sacred tradition, supporting the Quest at base camp, or are being called to Quest yourself, please contact me.

“Go reverently into the Forest and find yourself.”

3 thoughts on “Vision Quest

  1. Rebecca Silvia

    Good Evening,

    My name is Rebecca, though I have other names. I have been walking the red road for a while, however, it is time to commit to the vision. I am very interested in attending the women’s gatherings and learning for vision quest. Ease contact me by email or phone 910-915-6506. Pilamaye ye.

    1. Ymani Simmons Post author

      Hi Amy,

      Thanks for reaching out. I’ll send you a private message with information about the gathering.

      Peace and love,


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