Ymani Simmons


Peacemaker, author, artist, facilitator of the nonviolence training program Creating a Culture of Peace and personal growth facilitator are some of my passions in life.

I support women throughout the world with my voice of awareness, through spiritual circles, ritual, rites of passage and counsel. I am an active promoter of peace and nonviolence.

In 2007 I became a civilian diplomat with the Fellowship of Reconciliation, the oldest multi-faith peace organization in the United States and traveled as part of a peace delegation to the Islamic Republic of Iran. When asked why I wanted to go to Iran my answer is always the same.......I went to meet my relatives.

Because we are members of the same human family, we are connected and therefore have responsibility and accountability to and for one another. We have been indoctrinated with fear-based belief systems through the ages and taught separation and division, judgment and hatred. My journey has taught another way of viewing life...another way of thinking...another way of ‘being’ on this earth.

Humanity stands at a crossroads of crisis and the outcome will be determined by the choices we make as individuals and as a human collective.  We each hold an important piece of this grand puzzle of life. In order to evolve into a higher state of consciousness and claim our seat in the sacred circle, we must face the wounds of life and heal.

The pain of one is the pain of all and the honor of one is the honor of all because We Are All Related.