Blue Moon Lodge

d23b986fb8b4e4be90a3693890f03fbc54c45151Nestled in the mountains of western North Carolina, near Asheville, is a safe haven for all who choose a path of positive, hands-on, personal, spiritual growth.

Welcome to Blue Moon Lodge. Here, you will find a quiet respite for your life’s journey, complete with open skies, clean air, and wooded surroundings; another beautiful piece of the Earth holding the memories of the Ancestors, and the nurturing guidance needed for the Awakening of the Divine Feminine.

The conditioning and programming of the patriarchal system that has ruled the planet for thousands of years, has left its mark of greed, fear, and violence on global societies. Many are questioning the status quo, educating themselves about the daily reality of our global family, and seeing a need for compassionate change. People everywhere are feeling the call to look deep within their own hearts and minds for understanding, clarity, and healing.

It is time to bring balance into our world by healing that which needs to be healed and moving forward with love, respect, understanding, compassion, forgiveness, and service.

Here at Blue Moon, we offer ample opportunities for this inner, personal growth through the varied workshops, ceremony, ritual, mentoring, and retreats.

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One thought on “Blue Moon Lodge

  1. Leah Spurrier

    I am interested in learning about meditation, and believe it is a missing component to my overall wellness. I am a person of passion and initiative, and have manifested a life I am trying to move through, more peacefully.


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