L.I.O.N., Love Is Our Nature

There are many causes that need immediate attention in our world today. Witnessing the injustice, inequality, violence and disrespect being perpetrated daily on the voiceless can manifest as frustration, stress, depression, detachment, sadness and even grief.

This realization asked, “How can I help?” “What can I do?” L.I.O.N., Love Is Our Nature, was my answer and it is attracting caring, concerned, motivated, inspired individuals in my who want to ‘be the change’.

Some of our projects are:

• Homing: Assisting local organizations whose long-term goal is permanent housing for our local homeless population – Homeward Bound, a nonprofit organization ending homelessness in Buncombe and Henderson Counties of North Carolina who we assist through the donations of household items and smaller furniture; and Beloved Asheville , “We live on the margins and try to change the world. We seek to end homelessness, poverty, prejudice, and injustice. We believe in the power of community which is the heart of our mission.” We assist Beloved Asheville by transporting unused food from a local university to their facility where it is turned into a healthy meal that feeds over 150 weekly.

• A Circle For Women: Creating and distributing kits containing reusable hygiene products (menstrual pads) for girls and women globally, helping ensure they receive the benefit of a full education and/or are able to work. Girls in many areas of poverty and developing countries around the world miss an average of 45 days of school annually because they do not have this most basic need and women stay home from their jobs. Presently we are serving communities in Kenya, Dem. Republic of Congo, South Africa, Swaziland, India, Nepal and Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.

• PLANT (Promoting Life And Nature Together): Providing a global assistance program based in permaculture – “a system of agricultural and social design principles centered around simulating or directly utilizing the patterns and features observed in natural ecosystems.” Our goal is to help feed the world.

• Empower: A program to inspire, motivate, educate, empower and nurture at-risk youth to assist them in the discovery and implementation of their self-worth, value, skills and basic human rights.

• Assisting L.I.O.N. members with their ongoing projects as the need arises.
• Seasonal gatherings to celebrate through ritual, ceremony, or social fellowship.

We meet monthly to DreamStorm, organize, build community, strengthen relationships and initiate achievable action plans based in the philosophy and teachings of LionHearted Leadership™, serving the greater good of Mother Earth and all of her children.