The 13 Laws….

The 13 Laws of LionHearted Leadership™

This model of Leadership is exactly what the world is needing today. We require a leadership model that supports Love in Action, and service to the Earth and the greater good.

The 13 Laws of LionHearted Leadership™ are best described by the person who has devotedly brought them forward into the world with hopes of radiating the Light needed to help humans awaken to our destiny’s full potential and role of service for the greater good, Linda Tucker:

“Many people are paralyzed today, understandably frightened and confused about how to become effective in a world where destruction seems inevitable. The fear is real, but so is Love which gives birth to the Laws that turn fear into empowered and joyous action.

LionHearted Leadership™ is an in-depth and intensive training designed to prepare and equip humanity for creating a positive future. Inspired by the most iconic and radiant animals alive, the objective is to provide individuals of true heart with empowerment principles and practices to ensure they become effective agents of positive change at this moment in history, when we and our planet are facing crises of unprecedented proportions and consequences.

The training is not theoretic or academic. It is a Call to Action. Inspired by the magnificent White Lions with whom I’ve been privileged to share my life in the wilds of their ancestral heartlands, LionHearted Leadership™ training is designed to reactivate our true hearts. In this way, we become genuinely lion-like: warm, loving, gentle, noble, brave, honorable and true, as well as powerful.

Drawing on the deepest and most profound secret knowledge behind Africa’s most sacred animals, Lionhearted Leadership™ identifies Three Golden Technologies of Embodiment and 13 Laws of Enactment. These Technologies and Laws are the keys to our health and happiness. They are not simply a luxury. They are essential to our survival and the flourishing of our planet.” Linda Tucker, founder and CEO The Global White Lion Protection Trust and The Linda Tucker Foundation.

I am grateful to be a member of the Pride. Care to join me? White Lion Leadership Academy

(Book is available for purchase at the UK website for The Global White Lion Protection Trust)