LionsGate is the name I gave to a Star Henge, a Circle of Stones, placed in alignment with specific celestial beings. It was created in honor of the sacred White Lions of Timbavati, SA and to offer a quiet, reflective space under an open sky, for individuals to reconnect with Mother Nature.

Through a series of personal events, the White Lions appeared in my life and I have been blessed to visit them in their native habitat, beginning in November, 2015. They have made a deep and lasting impact on me and have changed my life forever. For that, I am eternally grateful.

In local, tribal lore they are known as, Messengers of the Gods, Star Beings, who hold special spiritual significance and purpose. According to local languages, Timbavati translates to The Place Where the Star Lions Came Down. I believe they are making a plea for humanity to heal ourselves and fully embrace Love, Service and Respect for all living beings.

LionsGate provides a place for spiritual reflection, meditation, centering, grounding and prayer. It’s a place to offer gratitude, a place to feel and to listen deeply. It allows a space to become attuned to personal messages that await from the seen and unseen worlds and serves as a reminder that We Are All Related.

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