Ymani_01Ymani Simmons is a Peacemaker, Life Coach/Spiritual Mentor, Advocate for the Global White Lion Protection Trust, Conservationist, International Facilitator of Workshops and Retreats for spiritual healing, Author, and Artist .
She assists people globally in healing their hearts,  embracing loving empowerment and Re-membering their true selves and purpose.  Through her gentle voice of experience and wisdom, conscious awareness and positive spirit, Ymani provides a safe and sacred container for individuals ready to experience the life they have always envisioned.



“We have been indoctrinated by a fear-based belief system of patriarchal domination which teaches aggression, violence, separation, entitlement, judgment and hatred. My journey has shown me another way of living life, another way of ‘being’ on this earth – a way of living together, in harmony and service, with respect for all life. It is the balanced, LionHearted way of living with Mother Earth.”

~ Ymani Simmons

L.I.O.N., Love. Is. Our. Nature™



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