Ymani_01Ymani Simmons is a Peacemaker, a Practitioner for the 13 Laws of LionHearted Leadership™, Spiritual Mentor, Writer, Conservationist, International Facilitator of Workshops and Retreats for spiritual healing, and trip Co-ordinator and Guide for Wisdom of the Heart, journeys to the White Lions of Timbavati, South Africa, at the Global White Lion Protection Trust. She assists people globally in healing their hearts,  embracing loving empowerment and re-membering their true selves and purpose.  Through her gentle voice of experience and wisdom, conscious awareness and positive spirit, she provides a safe and sacred container for individuals ready to experience the life they have always dreamed of.

Ymani was called by the White Lions in 2014 in her Dreamtime, made her first trip there in November, 2015, returned in June of the same year, then attended and graduated from the White Lion Leadership Academy in the Winter of 2016. Practitioner Training followed shortly thereafter and Ymani is honored to be an accredited Practitioner for the 13 Laws of LionHearted Leadership™  fulfilling her commitment to living these Laws and sharing them to offer a new leadership model to the world. She is grateful to be a member of the Pride.

One of the most majestically beautiful animals on Earth and seen by many to represent Christ Consciousness, the White Lions of Timbavati represent the reminder of the amazing opportunity we have to make the necessary changes now for ourselves, our planet and the next 7 Generations, by re-membering how to lead from our Heart, instead of our Ego.

In 2011 she co-facilitated non-violence training workshops for youth in Srinagar, Kashmir. The magnificent beauty of the area provided the setting for heart-to-heart connection and a reminder of the power of planting seeds of peaceful communication and co-existence. A challenging task in a region merely surviving under Indian military rule for decades.

Peacemaking led her to the Islamic Republic of Iran in 2007 as a civilian diplomat with the Fellowship of Reconciliation, the oldest multi-faith peace organization in the United States. The experience offered a life-changing experience of people so loving, open, warm and genuine, a country with diverse beauty and an introduction to yet another branch of our human family tree. Her plan is to return one day.

“We have been indoctrinated with fear-based belief systems and taught separation, division, judgment and hatred. My journey has taught me another way of viewing life, another way of ‘being’ on this earth. It is a way of living together, in harmony and service, with respect for all life. It is the balanced, LionHearted way of living with Mother Earth.” ~ Ymani Simmons

Love. Is. Our. Nature.



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