Spiritual Mentoring

IMG_1170Humans have been teaching and learning from one another since we first arrived on this beautiful, blue planet. We stumbled around alone until gaining the awareness that our growth, therefore, survival, was dependent on acquiring as much skill and knowledge as possible. The same holds true today, with mentors being represented in every aspect of life.

A Spiritual Mentor is one who assists a student in recognizing their own pre-existing nature and innate wisdom, who creates a safe and Sacred space to be open, and inspires them to take positive action on their spiritual journey.

Individuals can have a solid understanding of spiritual principles and beliefs, and still not be able to fully recognize them within themselves. Having someone who acts as adviser, helper, guide, or coach can provide a space for identifying those traits that hinder inner, personal growth. Once identified, they can be transmuted, healed, and laid to rest.

A Spiritual Mentor can help develop a deeper sense of the presence of the Great Mystery in every moment, and help cultivate viable practices for an abundant, vibrant, happy, healthy, and productive life.

We have arrived at a place in our evolution as a species where our future depends on how we are able to relate to ourselves, and others. It is time to heal the wounds from thousands of years of a menacing, patriarchal domination system, and step into the illumination provided by a more loving, nurturing, and compassionate way of being on Mother Earth.

Individual Mentoring sessions with Ymani follow a progression of Teachings, offering tools to build a basic, solid foundation for your spiritual present and future. By laying down your bad habits and dysfunctional patterns accumulated in life, you are able to discover your capacity to become a healthier, empowered being, ready to meet the future and fulfill life’s dreams while assisting in the growth of the whole.

“Follow the source of the light and you’ll find that it comes from within you.”

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