Wisdom of the Heart Spiritual Journeys

“The Heart is a Gateway to every knowing we could ever need.”

At this crucial moment in our evolution, we face the knowledge that the way into a loving and prosperous future is through the Heart. We all hold deep wisdom, yet many feel unable to access it.

Opening the Heart and allowing your own brilliant Light to become a beacon in the darkness is a beautiful place to start. I offer you a rare and precious opportunity to access and awaken the wisdom that lives within, reactivating your own spiritual journey with the ability to become part of the change.

We will meet in South Africa, acknowledge the Ancestors, traverse the beautiful Blyde River Canyon and visit ancient Ceremonial sites as we make our way to the protected reserve that is home to the magnificent White Lions of Timbavati where we will commune with them and all of nature, opening our Hearts to the Wisdom, Knowledge and Sacredness of Mother Earth.

(March 2018 trip dates will be announced soon. Prices for individual trips may vary.)



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