Sacred Activism

love-is-a-verbHumanity has arrived at the edge of a dangerous precipice. Our future on this beautiful Mother Earth is in jeopardy, as is the future of many of our relatives, be they of the earth, air, or water. We no longer have the luxury of sitting back and waiting for others to ‘fix’ things. It’s time to speak up, speak out, take action, and make the changes needed to clean up the mess we have helped create.

Loving action is the solution to the problem, and through that action we have the ability to return our home to the pristine paradise she was designed to be. A home that provides everything needed for harmony, comfort, health, balance, sustenance, beauty, productivity and the ability to live together in Beloved Community.

As the Hopi say, “We are who we’ve been waiting for.”.

Once we awaken to the reality of the truth, we clearly recognize we have a choice. We can either remain quiet – many do because they feel their voices will not be heard – or, we can acknowledge the damage that is being done, and take right action by speaking truth to power.

Some reports say that acts of violence have declined over the past few years, and that is news worth rejoicing over. However, while we celebrate the positive aspects, let’s remember those who continue to live the daily horrors and injustices globally. They need our help. They need our voices. They need to be witnessed and held up with love and compassion.

Will you join me in spreading awareness so that we can all embrace the love, respect, equality, compassion and abundance that is the birthright of all?

An Elder once said to me, “Ymani, you know you can’t save all of the starfish on the beach.” My response was, “No, I can’t. But I can definitely enlist the interest and support of others who will join me on the beach. Together, we can do this!”

Some feel the problems of the world are too great in number to truly make a difference. I disagree. If one human life is changed for the better, one animal is saved from the ego of a trophy hunter or poacher, one square foot of timber, or rainforest is protected from logging, mining, or illegal clearing it is worth the investment of a portion of my life – time.

Why is it important?

We have been living under the rule of a patriarchal domination system for thousands of years. This is not about men vs. women. It’s about being governed by a masculine way of viewing life and the way we relate to one another. It’s about entitlement, aggression, separation, and power. It’s about a global society fueled by fear. One that dominates, instead of nurtures; controls, instead of assists; hinders, instead of helps. It is based in greed and violence, instead of generosity and love. It seeks to conquer, instead of build community.

It is time to bring things into balance by honoring the principles and teachings of the Divine Feminine; principles that are based in love for the good of the many, not the few.

What is sacred to you? Take a moment to make a list of the things that touch your heart. The stories that get your attention, your sympathy, your empathy. It may be the homeless, animal rights, equality for women, the rights of Mother Earth, etc.

Find your passion and allow it to guide you into loving action. No effort is too little and no gift is too small. Like a spider web, when there is movement (action) in one area, the ripples of that action are felt throughout.

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